Israel: Trip of a LifetimeJoin Brian and Jeni on the Israel 2017 Tour.
July 29th through August 6th, 2017

Take the trip of a lifetime with Stivale Ministries to Israel.  Experience the bible first person and receive wisdom and guidance in your experience from Pastors Brian and Jeni Stivale.  Includes daily experiences, hotel, breakfast and ground transportation throughout Israel.  Air transportation package available at an additional charge.  Call us for details.  We look forward to you joining us at this for this once in a lifetime experience.  Expected dates with air transportation from the US: 7/28/17 – 8/7/17

We offer several payment methods for your convenience! Please note that we include a charge of $115 for processing credit/debit cards. If you are paying direct via PayPal to PayPal account, click here.

Your Package Includes:
– Hotel
– Breakfast
– Daily Experiences
– Ground Transportation during Tour

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